Student Council President Jackson Krinke’s latest campaign at Forest Lake Elementary School had a specific goal in mind.

"I just wanted to help people who have cancer," explained Jackson, 12. His mother, Debbie, has Stage 4 breast cancer and is receiving treatment at Regions Hospital.

Searching for ways to support her fight, Jackson came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to hold a fundraiser at his school to raise money and awareness. He organized a special day allowing students who donated a dollar to cancer to wear a hat, a special privilege as ordinarily the students cannot wear hats at school. Jackson asked all his friends to spread the word about Hat Day and how it would benefit people with cancer. His teachers helped by putting a note in the parent newsletter.

On Hat Day, Jackson and his brother, Anthony, wore pink hats to honor their mom and raise awareness for breast cancer. In total, Jackson and his classmates raised $501.

"I was amazed and surprised that so many people cared," Jackson said. "I am proud of all my friends for being so supportive and participating in the fundraiser. My best friend brought in $25. That really meant a lot to me. I am really happy to be able to help people with cancer."

Jackson asked his mom where the donations should go and she suggested Regions Hospital to fund cancer research and clinical trials. Debbie was very touched by Jackson's school fundraiser.

"Sometimes you don't realize how much your kids are thinking of you. Jackson has done a lot to support me. He writes me cards and tells me that we can get through this. He is my positive role model."

This year, proceeds from the Regions Hospital Foundation Wine Auction will benefit cancer research and specifically the expansion of oncology research into phase 1 clinical trials. For more information about the Wine Auction on Saturday, September 17.

Pictured above (L to R): Dr. Daniel Anderson, Jackson Krinke, Debbie Krinke