Sinus infections are a pain—in more ways than one. There’s the pounding headache. There’s the constant congestion, and pressure in your head and face. And all of it makes it hard to leave your bed—let alone wait at a clinic or urgent care.

At, I diagnose and treat patients just like at an urgent care. But, we do it all online. And in fact, sinus infections are what we see most often.

Sinus infections caused by viruses and bacteria have many of the same symptoms. Often, the infection stems from a viral infection, like a cold. In most of these cases, antibiotics won't work because they don’t, and can’t, attack viruses. (But there are remedies you can use at home to help relieve your symptoms.)

Other times, sinus infections are bacterial. And usually, bacterial sinus infections should be treated with antibiotics.

I recently talked with one mom who used to treat and get rid of her sinus infection. Nicole Anderson is a stay-at-home mom of five boys (wow!), so waiting at her clinic was not a great option. I asked her if she’d mind sharing her experience, and what made her decide to try Here’s what she had to say:

When did you first start experiencing sinus issues? Why did you decide to try

I had been experiencing pain, congestion and other issues with my sinuses for well over a week. I had considered going to clinic, but the idea of dragging all of the boys along with me sounded horrible. I remembered my husband used for his sinus infection last year – and within a few days he was feeling better.

While making dinner, I logged onto It took me about 10 minutes to answer the questions about my condition and medical history—with at least 5 interruptions from the boys. I got my treatment plan soon after, which told me I had a bacterial sinus infection and a prescription was being sent to our Pharmacy in about an hour.

Would you use again?

From now on, this service will always be my first step for care. With an out-of-pocket insurance plan, family medical expenses can add up. And it gets expensive, fast. Not to mention the time it takes to go to the clinic and wait for care, all while entertaining toddlers.

What would you say to someone who is considering using online care, but hasn’t yet?

Just try it, once. I am sure you will use it again! The list of what they can help with is long, and it’s a fraction of the cost of a doctor’s visit or even retail care. Plus, they even do a follow-up to see how you are feeling.

Helping busy super-moms like Nicole is one of the reasons I love providing care online. Any chance I can get to help a mom who spends so much of her time caring for others is always rewarding.

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