In light of recent events, our President and CEO Mary Brainerd shared this message with colleagues today.


TO: All colleagues
FROM: Mary Brainerd
SUBJECT: Diversity & Inclusion

Over the weekend, protests and demonstrations highlighted the pain, anger and sadness that so many are feeling. During this time of tension, division and fear, we look to each other and to our values to focus on what is most important. We are all here because we want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We are committed to health and well-being and thriving communities.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is central to our culture. A culture where every person feels welcomed, included and valued. And where our colleagues, and those we serve, feel supported with compassion, integrity, openness and inclusion. Not only is it a foundation to our work – it’s critical to our success.

Embracing diversity and inclusion starts with each of us. Listening with curiosity, using kind words, warmly welcoming each person who touches our organization and being open to the perspectives of others. Through these actions, we come closer together, not further apart.

Maya Angelou wrote, “…in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” I find strength in our shared aims, our values and making our head + heart, together culture a source of hope and unity.