As COVID-19 surges across Minnesota and Wisconsin in record levels, the need has never been greater in our hospitals for support made possible by donations to our COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund. For months, generous donors have contributed to the fund, which supports a variety of needs for COVID hospital patients and our health care workers during the pandemic:

A patient in her hospital bed is having a video visit with her doctor

Regions Hospital Foundation has had an outpouring of response to its COVID-19 Response and Relief fund. For health care workers, the fund has provided new equipment for telemedicine, disinfection products and safety equipment. Patients are staying connected with their family virtually with iPads that have been purchased with donations. Regions has been able to provide patients with thermometers and pulse oximeters to take home, keeping them safer by limiting in-person visits. Colleagues have also received donated meals from local restaurants.

“Regions colleagues and patients are incredibly grateful for the generosity of donors,” said Keevan Kosidowski, Vice President of Regions Hospital Foundation. “Contributions from the community are supporting patients and families in need, while also helping our hospital staff remain resilient and safe as they provide exceptional care to patients. Donors are a vital partner in the health and well-being of our patients and the community.”

Hudson Hospital Foundation is using money raised from its COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund to provide its health care workers with new Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) masks. The fund also supports comfort “breaks” offered to the hospital colleagues weekly – in the form of a cup of cider, hot cocoa, a slice of locally made pie, and more.

Muffins and baked goods to support the hospital colleagues

“We want to make sure our colleagues caring for loved ones from our community know, without a doubt, that we care for them,” said Tessa Boury, Director of Hudson Hospital Foundation. “We are so grateful for those wo show support of Hudson Hospital & Clinic health care workers by making a donation to our COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund.”

Colleagues and patients also benefit from the COVID relief fund at Westfields Hospital & Clinic. Several colleagues applied for emergency funds to help with living expenses while their spouse’s salaries were reduced. Employee treats -- including food trucks, fresh bakery, Dilly Bars and a healthy snack cart -- have been funded from donors. The fund also supplies activity tools for patients, including IPads, puzzle books, as well as new clothing for their departure.

Park Nicollet Foundation has used contributions to the fund to support video visits and technology to care for patients at Methodist Hospital and in Park Nicollet specialty centers and clinics, and in community-based children’s health and well-being programs. Funds have also supported everything from helping rehab teams provide education and specialized support to patients, to portable ultrasound equipment for pulmonary medicine and special health care supplies to high-risk patients with diabetes. And donations have paid for more than 15,000 meals for Park Nicollet health care workers.

“We are grateful to our community for stepping up with tremendous generosity to ensure health and well-being for our patients, health care workers and community members in need,” said Elizabeth Warner, Executive Director of Park Nicollet Foundation.

A woman wears a pulse oximeter on her finger at home.

Amery Hospital & Clinic’s annual golf outing in September raised funds for the hospital’s COVID-19 relief fund. The funds were used to provide calming and relaxation resources for health care workers, and to purchase equipment including: new OB recliners (to replace recliners that became worn due to the required COVID cleaning and sanitizing); cardiac/vitals sign monitors to care for more acute patients; and pulse oximeters, which clip onto the finger of at-home COVID patients to monitor oxygen level.

“It is so important during this stressful time to support our patients and colleagues,” said Diane McNeil, Director of the Amery Hospital & Clinic Foundation. “The COVID-19 relief fund helps us do that by providing resources, supplies, equipment, special needed items, training and safe quality care.”

Contributions to Lakeview Health Foundation’s COVID relief fund also benefit patients and Lakeview colleagues. One notable contribution came from a Stillwater couple. The couple donated $275,000 to hospitals across the St. Croix Valley, with $123,000 directed toward Lakeview Hospital to purchase two ventilators in intensive care; a mobile ventilator for use in transporting patients via ambulance; and a video laryngoscope for intubating patients that opens airways for breathing.

“Our community continues to respond to the call for support in our time of need,” said Paul Erickson, Executive Director of Lakeview Health Foundation. “In addition to patient needs, charitable donations have helped us cover non-budgeted items for frontline health care workers as they work longer shifts. The gifts matter -- meals and snacks, enhancements to break rooms, comfort chairs, aromatherapy, increased supply of PPE for all staff … it’s all appreciated. We’re grateful.”

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