Cindy Land, RN, BCB-PMD Womens Health Services
About me

Cindy Land is a pelvic health specialty nurse and the pelvic health program coordinator at Lakeview Hospital. She works closely with a team of OB-GYNs, urologists and physical therapists at Stillwater Medical Group to provide noninvasive therapy and treatments to women who have bladder or pelvic issues. Cindy is board certified in Pelvic Muscle Disorders and has more than 10 years of experience in the urology field. She also has extensive training in pelvic health and in bladder function testing called Urodynamics. Cindy has a passion for women’s health and is proud to help give women the tools they need for healthy bladder and pelvic muscles. In her spare time, Cindy loves to spend time outside with her husband, 6 kids and dogs.

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