Katie Krumwiede, MD OB-GYN
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Dr. Katie Krumwiede has been with HealthPartners since 2009 and is currently the Vice Chair for the OB-GYN Department. She splits her time between the St. Paul Clinic and Regions Hospital. A mother of a three-year-old herself, people often ask Dr. Krumwiede if having a baby changed how she practices obstetrics. “While it didn’t change anything about how I practice obstetrics, it did change how I talk to patients and their families about what comes after the birth,” she says. “Whether it is how to navigate the first few upending weeks with a newborn, or how to find your groove when back at work and balancing the demands and joys of motherhood and career, everyone will encounter some bumps in the road.” Dr. Krumwiede believes children’s health is not only making sure that young patients get the medical care they need but also making sure that families get the resources they need to enjoy new parenthood. When not at work, she and her husband enjoy chasing their always energetic young son and equally energetic, but not so young, golden retriever. Dr. Krumwiede loves to travel, near and far. She likes to run, mostly near. And she says she’s doing her best to learn to cook.

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