Ready for a post-pregnancy workout? Here’s what to keep in mind

The first few weeks after childbirth are a whirlwind: introducing baby to family and friends, figuring out your home’s new sleep schedule, and of course, spending plenty of time with your little one. Eventually, all moms find a rhythm with their postpartum routines. And for many, that means getting back to (or starting new) workout habits.

On average, new moms can begin exercising about six to 10 weeks after giving birth. But as you know, welcoming a new life into the world is no small task – that’s why it’s so important to ease your body back into working out the right way.

Brenda Eckerman, Physical Therapist at Hudson Hospital & Clinic, recently stopped by For Health’s Sake to give us her expert opinion on exercising after pregnancy. She shared:

  • How to know when your body’s ready for a postpartum workout
  • Common issues women experience as they start exercising again
  • Which exercises you should start with (and which you should work your way up to)

No matter your reason for postpartum exercise, knowing how to get started is a great foundation on the way toward reaching your goals. Listen in to discover how to turn baby’s naptime into mommy’s power hour.