As the clinical director of an eating disorder center, I’m often asked about the “typical” patient I see who needs help with an eating disorder. You might be surprised to learn that the patients we treated last year ranged from 6 to 82 years old. Over 30% of our patients are 35 years or older. There are men and women from all sexual orientations and cultures. And it’s not just anorexia nervosa and bulimia; 30% of people are here because of a binge eating disorder. Eating disorders can’t be narrowly defined as a white, teenage girl problem.

Comprehensive eating disorder care

At Melrose Center, we offer a range of comprehensive care options that are individualized to meet the needs of our diverse patient population. It’s really the best approach to ensure we’re giving patients the care that’s most appropriate for their particular situation. Melrose Center has outpatient to residential options, so we can give seamless access to all levels of care. We want to serve patients and families throughout their entire journey.

Evidence-based care for eating disorders

Since we’re a nonprofit organization, we believe in evidence-based care that’s appropriate for each unique situation. We always recommend the least restrictive care possible. That means if outpatient care is the best treatment course, that’s exactly where we start.

Expert care takes a team

Multi-disciplinary care at Melrose Center is a team effort. The core treatment team includes a therapist and a registered dietitian. The team may also include a primary care clinician, psychiatry services and other specialties as needed. This team will be there every step of the way, providing consistent and compassionate care.

Uncovering the real you

Our team of highly experienced, compassionate professionals is dedicated to caring for patients in body and mind. I’m continuously amazed by the positive impact we’re able to have on patients and families. Eating disorders can squash and hide the talents of many people.

Through a tailored treatment program, we strive to help every patient live up to their full potential while recovering from an eating disorder.

At Melrose Center, patients are welcomed into a peaceful, safe and trusting environment that encourages a return to a rich quality of life.

Start healing today

Melrose Center has been caring for patients with eating disorders for more than 35 years. Call 952-993-4100 to schedule an initial assessment. Visit to learn more about how we heal eating disorders.
We offer care in St. Louis Park, Burnsville, Maple Grove, St. Paul and Woodbury.

Learn more in the Melrose Heals podcast

During each episode of the Melrose Heals podcast, Karen L. Nelson, a licensed clinical psychologist at Melrose Center, hosts honest conversations about the topics near and dear to people and families impacted by eating disorders. We hope you’ll listen and start healing.