For listeners of Minneapolis’ alternative radio stations, Lizzo’s “Good as Hell” was the song of the summer in 2016. And if HealthPartners has anything to say about matters, it will be the song of 2017 for the entire community.

HealthPartners is using Lizzo’s catchy track in our 2017 marketing efforts. The alternative hip-hop artist exudes an attitude of self-assurance and confidence. And her music is empowering. That’s how we want the community to feel in their health journey when they choose HealthPartners.

Lizzo launched her music career right here in the Twin Cities. And that makes us even prouder to support her.

We debuted our new campaign with two 15-second local ad placements during Super Bowl LI. The commercials got Lizzo pretty excited.

Want more Lizzo?

Keep an eye out for more HealthPartners video and radio spots this year.