For health's sake · Finding solutions for colic

A pediatrician’s tips for soothing colic in babies

Babies cry to communicate with us. Their cries can tell us if they’re hungry, tired, hurt or sick. But if your baby is crying for hours on end when nothing appears to be wrong, they might have colic.

Colic often shows up as frequent, prolonged crying for no apparent reason. Colicky babies are difficult to soothe, which can be frustrating and nerve-racking for parents. Luckily, a few simple tips and tricks can help calm your baby’s cries and get you and your family some well-deserved relief.

In this episode of For Health’s Sake, we talk with pediatrician Dr. Jessica Najarian-Bell. She shares her personal experience with a colicky child and talks about:

  • What causes colic
  • How parents can tell if their baby has colic
  • The difference between colic cries and normal cries
  • The Five S’s to soothing a baby with colic
  • When to see a doctor for colic concerns
  • Other advice for concerned parents

Dealing with colic can be exhausting, but it will pass. Listen in to hear what Dr. Jessica has to say about soothing your baby and caring for yourself.