Diversity & inclusion is important, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few tips to consider.

Bring diversity & inclusion to your day-to-day

  1. Create safe spaces to come together, listen and ask questions.

    When tragedy hits close to home, it’s important to process your feelings. Our Diversity & Inclusion team and the Cross-Cultural Leadership Network recently hosted an Open Conversation. Colleagues gathered to listen and share their feelings about recent tragedies in the news.

    One participant shared, “It was emotional and eye-opening. We’ve all heard things on the news, radio and social media. After our discussion, I was surprised and felt sad. Discrimination affects all of us in very personal ways.”

    Another said, “Diversity & inclusion is important. It brings variety to our work and helps us understand each other better. We don’t know someone else’s gifts unless we give them a chance and include them.”

  2. Consider the diversity of work groups and committees.

    Working with people of varied backgrounds leads to more innovation and new ideas.

  3. Broaden your horizon.

    Reading is a great way to learn about different perspectives. Here’s a list to get you started: Best Multicultural General Fiction

  4. Visit the Science Museum of Minnesota.

    We’re proud to partner with the Science Museum on a special exhibit called “Race: Are We So Different?” Take a cultural and scientific look at race throughout history. Learn why we should celebrate differences and embrace our shared histories. Some may surprise you!

  5. Assume good intent, listen and ask questions.

    If you don’t understand someone else’s view, stop and ask. Talk to others with curiosity and humility. And remember that your experiences aren’t the same as everyone else’s.