One night in November, a friend was driving Callie home when he lost control of his vehicle on a slippery road. The van he was driving hit a mailbox, then a tree and then spun around to hit a parked car. Thankfully, everyone was wearing seat belts, but Callie, who was sitting in the back, was covered in shattered glass and bleeding. The driver called 911 and then called Callie’s parents. She was taken to Regions Hospital to have her injuries looked over.

“I’d been to other hospitals to visit my grandparents, but something seemed different here,” Callie says. “Everyone was smiling, my ER nurse Mark was so nice, and my overall experience was wonderful.”

Callie, who was 17 years old at the time, was able to go home later that night. She was so thankful for her experience at Regions that she decided to pursue a career in health care at Bethel University. In the meantime, she volunteered with HealthPartners Cancer Center at Regions Hospital and hopes to volunteer in the Emergency Center.

Volunteering at Regions helps put things in perspective,” Callie says. “When I’m here, I learn something new every time. Whether I’m making soup or grabbing patients a cup of coffee, I love being able to help people.”