“Google it.” That is what many people do when they have a strange ache or pain. Librarians at the Health Library at Methodist Hospital — which is part of HealthPartners Institute — want you to change that practice.

“Certainly diagnosing yourself with information from the internet is not helpful,” said Penny Marsala, Health Library senior manager.

Marsala invites anyone who wants to know more about a medical condition or health procedure to walk into the Health Library and ask. People can also email their questions. Requests are confidential.

“We always put a disclaimer that this is for educational purposes,” said Marsala, “not diagnosing anything.”

Marsala encourages people to go back and talk with a medical professional about the information.

“We want to make sure patients have quality information they can share with their provider as opposed to what they find on Google or hear on a TV show,” Marsala said.

The Health Library is on the first floor of Methodist Hospital near the main entrance. You can also email a question to library@parknicollet.com.