If you have a teenager who spends a lot of time with their headphones or earphones on, you’ve probably wondered if it’s affecting their hearing. But what does it actually take for noise to cause hearing loss?

Audiologist Jessica Marquardt tackled this question, along with other important information about teen hearing loss prevention, during our conversation on the For Health’s Sake podcast. We covered:

  • How noise can damage our hearing
  • Signs of noise-induced hearing loss
  • Choosing the right hearing protection and how to use it
  • Tips for getting teens to protect their hearing

Use all the tools you have

Jessica offers good advice, but you don’t have to stop there. Many smartphones and other devices have volume limits that you or your teen can set. Some even estimate the decibel level of headphone audio and can give warnings when it goes beyond safe levels.

But if you need more guidance or think you or a loved one may be experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, talking to an audiologist may be your next step. Audiologists have a deep understanding of hearing and ear conditions in patients of all ages.