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Being quarantined is a new concept for most of us, but for Louise, it brings back a memorable time in her life.

In 1949, Louise Dillery was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Within 24 hours of getting the news, she packed up her belongings and reported to the hospital. For the next 19 months, Louise called this place home.

Hospitals were different then, she recalls. Louise has since been back to Regions Hospital for other health reasons and has seen the shift of treatment over the last seven decades. But the one constant: the care.

“Everyone was so amazing when I was first admitted to Ancker Hospital. We all became family. The nurses were so jolly and we actually had fun in the ward. You never would have known we were sick!”

And that hasn’t changed.

“I went back over the years for care at the same place, now called Regions Hospital. And it’s still fabulous! St. Paul should be proud to have this great hospital.”

While Louise looks back fondly at her time in the ward and the memories she made, she also knows that staying away from loved ones is hard. But she knows we can do it.

“All you need to believe in is common sense and compassion. You have those two things and everything will be fine. The human spirit can endure.”

Local author Carolyn Porter recently interviewed Louise about her time in tuberculosis quarantine. You can read Louise’s full story at and help patients like her by making a donation to our COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund. By doing this, you’re supporting patients, families and our entire community. You’re also providing much needed safety equipment for care teams at our hospitals and clinics. These teams are working tirelessly to keep us all safe; your gifts are making that possible.

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