For health's sake · How to prepare your daughter for her first period in a positive way

Your daughter’s first menstrual cycle is a big milestone. Periods are a natural part of life and chances are she’ll have a lot of questions. So, talking to your daughter about menstruation is important for easing her nerves and preparing her for when her first period comes. But what do you say?

To get expert advice on the subject, we spoke with pediatrician Mollie Malaney on the For Health’s Sake podcast. She shared tips for navigating the conversation along with additional topics, including:

  • When and how to explain periods to your child
  • Educational books about menstruation
  • How to prepare for and manage period-related issues like cramps and unexpected leaks
  • Benefits of including the whole family in conversations about periods

Stay positive and get help if you need it

Whether you’re seeing signs that your daughter is starting to go through puberty or you don’t expect her first period for a while, it’s worth talking about. You can help ensure that she feels comfortable and confident whenever her period arrives.

That being said, Dr. Malaney recommends seeing a doctor if your child has issues related to her period such as difficulty inserting a tampon. Your child’s doctor can also answer any questions you or your child have about periods, puberty and more.