For health's sake · Kidney stones - the truth


Kidney stone symptoms, treatment and prevention – direct from a doctor

Your dad always had trouble with kidney stones – does that mean you’re next in line? Can you prevent kidney stones? And what help is there if you do get one?

Kidney stones occur naturally as your body makes urine. Most of the time they don’t cause any trouble – but if they get too big, you can feel big discomfort.

Urologist Dr. Thomas Stormont joined us on For Health’s Sake to talk about:

  • How kidney stones form
  • How to manage kidney stone pain
  • How to prevent kidney stones

He also shared which treatments work (and which don’t), how calcium relates to kidney stones, and what to change about your eating and drinking habits to discourage kidney stone formation.

Some people just get more kidney stones than others. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about them. Listen in to hear Dr. Stormont give the facts on kidney stone symptoms, treatment and prevention.