Learn how to spot the signs of opioid addiction and which treatments might help you recover

Opioids are a class of medicine that help with pain management. When used correctly, they can provide pain relief after a surgery or injury. But the misuse of opioids can cause a chemical dependency. Those who struggle with opioid addictions also struggle with medical, financial and relationship problems.

An opioid addiction might feel impossible to beat, but effective treatment is out there. Today, we talk to Brian Bartlett, clinical manager of Programs for Change, a treatment program for people dealing with substance use.

In this episode of For Health’s Sake, Brian answers common questions about opioid addiction like:

  • How does someone become addicted to opioids?
  • How do people get opioids?
  • What are the signs of opioid use?
  • What are the risks of opioid use?
  • How does someone get help for an opioid addiction?
  • Does treatment work?

No matter how long you or a loved one has been struggling with opioids, we can help. The first step to getting back to the life you love is reaching out for help. We’ll guide you to the treatment that will work best for you.