Moving out of the family home for health reasons is not easy. You only want the best for your loved one. There are many things to consider when selecting a senior care facility, including:

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Amenities

It’s important to find the right facility for your needs. Nursing homes, transitional care and assisted living facilities are all different. Some specialize in one type of care while others offer a variety.

Care provided Transitional care Assisted living Nursing home
May exhibit minor to moderate memory deficits X X X
Difficulties with self-care that needs 24/7 nurse care and assistance X X
Physician evaluation indicates condition doesn’t require hospital monitoring and treatment, but unsafe to return home in current health condition X X
Decline in ability to care for yourself or maintain functional independence at home after a recent hospitalization, but may improve with nursing care, physical therapy and occupational therapy X X
Exhibits moderate to severe memory deficits X X
Doesn’t have enough caregiver support to remain in the community X X
Is unsafe living independently in current situation X X
Needs services intermittently throughout the day, although not continuously X
Would benefit from communal dining X X

On-site senior care

It’s important to maintain access to an expert care team once a loved one moves into a senior care facility. HealthPartners and Park Nicollet offer on-site care at all types of senior facilities. This means care is possible without going to a clinic. We want to help keep your loved ones active and independent.

Learn more about senior care at HealthPartners and Park Nicollet.