Avoiding flights of stairs. Needing lots of time (and room) to get in and out of cars. Not playing with kids or grandchildren. Skipping favorite activities. It can be a painful struggle for people living with chronic hip pain.

Some people are able to manage osteoarthritis pain with medicine. Exercise, physical therapy and weight loss are other options. However, these solutions don’t work for everyone. If hip pain is holding back you or your loved ones, the time might be right to suggest joint replacement surgery.

Recovery can be easier if a hip is replaced before too much strength and endurance is lost. This makes it quicker and easier to return to normal activities after surgery.

Most people get out of bed (with help) the day of surgery or the next day. Physical therapy starts right away. It usually takes people two to three months to get back to usual activities.

With a full recovery, loved ones are often able to do daily activities more easily with less pain. According to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, eight out of 10 people who have hips replaced are pain-free within a year. The new joint still works well after 20 years for nine out of 10 people.

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