Those of us with aging parents know that eventually, they’ll probably need extra help doing day-to-day things. But many people have a hard time accepting help, or even admitting that they need it. So how can we tell when it’s time to have that conversation, and how do we make that conversation effective?

Answering these questions was at the heart of our discussion with social worker Kim Barnhart on this episode of the For Health’s Sake podcast. We covered:

  • Signs that an aging parent needs support
  • How to talk to an elderly parent about their needs
  • Strategies for meeting a senior’s needs
  • Support resources

Get the help your parent needs

It might take time and a few separate conversations to get your parent to open up about their needs. If you need an expert’s input along the way, or your parent is ready for next steps, help is available. Organizations like HealthPartners can assist with a variety of specialized care services to help seniors keep living the way they want.