If you think that a friend or loved one has a substance abuse problem, you might feel a bit stuck. They may benefit from help, but finding the right way to bring up the subject can be hard. So it’s important to know the signs of a substance use problem and how to address them.

These topics were the main focus of the conversation on this episode of the For Health’s Sake podcast. We were joined by Pete VanDusartz, Brian Bartlett and Brian Francis, who have all worked for the Programs for Change substance abuse treatment program for many years. They explained:

  • Physical, mental and behavioral signs of substance use problems
  • Underlying factors that can contribute to addiction
  • How to talk to someone about a substance-related issue
  • How treatment works in Programs for Change

Get help if you need it

In addition to knowing how to start a conversation about substance use problems, the panel of experts from Programs for Change stressed the importance of educating yourself on addiction in general. A behavioral health expert can answer any questions you have, and refer you to educational materials, substance use support groups and other resources.