For health's sake · Sun and water safety

Warmer weather means you and your little ones are likely spending a lot of time outside. And as you get ready for a playground, pool or beach outing, you’re probably thinking about your children’s safety in the sun and water.

What do you need to know to help keep your kids safe?

When it comes to sun safety and preventing sunburn, the right kinds of protection often depend on your child’s age. But generally, your best tools are going to be shade, protective clothing, knowing when and where the sun is most intense and, of course, sunscreen.

As for kids’ water safety, one of the most important things to remember is your child should be under constant supervision anytime they’re near a body of water. Pediatrician Jessica Najarian-Bell called this being a “water watcher”.

“[A water watcher is someone] who keeps their eyes on the kiddos for 15 to 30 minutes and then passes it along to another person,” Dr. Jessica told us on the For Health’s Sake podcast.

Other topics we covered include:

  • When babies can wear sunscreen
  • What to look for in a sunscreen
  • What to do if your toddler or newborn gets a sunburn
  • Why you should pay attention to sun exposure year-round
  • What safety features at-home pools should have
  • When and where life jackets can be really useful
  • When your child can start swimming lessons
  • Why parents should know CPR

Play it safe in the sun and water

Spending time outdoors is great for you and your child’s mental and physical health. And knowing what to do to keep your child safe can allow you both to enjoy your time to the fullest, whether it’s in the sun, water or both.

If you have any other questions about keeping your kids safe outside, talk to your child’s doctor. Whether your questions are big, small or somewhere in between, they’ll help you get the answers you need.