For health's sake · Talk to your doctor about weight management

For some, losing weight isn’t as simple as changing your diet or exercising more. Sometimes it takes an expert’s evaluation to determine what factors are at play, and what methods will be most effective for helping you reach your weight loss goals. In the words of internal medicine doctor Japs Lee, “Talk to your doctor so they can look at what may be contributing to your weight issues. Because it may not necessarily be related to diet and exercise.”

During our conversation with Dr. Lee, she explains a number of other factors that can make losing weight harder, and how your primary care doctor can help. Topics we cover include:

  • Health issues and medications that can affect weight loss
  • Whether it’s safe to try quick weight loss diets
  • What kinds of first steps a doctor may recommend
  • When weight loss medications or surgery may be recommended
  • How a doctor can help monitor and modify a weight loss program

Get the help you need

If you’re struggling to manage your weight, a primary care appointment may be just what you need. Getting an expert’s evaluation and recommendations can help make sure that the changes you’re making are both effective and sustainable. Plus, your primary care doctor can refer you to a specialist if necessary.