For health's sake · Tinnitus - What's all the buzz about


Ringing ears annoying you? Discover common causes of tinnitus and how to get help

You’re sitting on your deck reading a book. Or you’re trying to fall asleep. But then a strange buzzing or chirping in your ears interrupts the peace and quiet. Are you just imagining things? Or is something else going on?

Tinnitus is the perception of sound when there isn’t any there. It’s often described as ringing, clicking, chirping or wave sounds in the ears. It’s common, affecting over 45 million Americans. But tinnitus isn’t a disease itself – it’s a symptom of some other condition (like hearing loss) that usually needs a doctor’s help.

In this episode of For Health’s Sake, audiologist Kristi Albers, AuD, told us all about tinnitus. She shared:

  • Who’s more likely to get tinnitus
  • Conditions that tinnitus can be a sign of, like hearing loss, ear damage, cardiovascular disease or other problems
  • What to do if you experience tinnitus
  • How to prevent tinnitus and hearing loss

You don’t have to suffer through tinnitus alone – help is available to manage the ringing so you can hear and feel better. Listen to our podcast to get the truth about tinnitus and learn when to see your doctor or get an evaluation with an audiologist.