The overall look and appearance of your skin is important to you. And when pesky pimples make an appearance, it can be beyond frustrating and really shake your confidence. After all, you want how you feel on the inside to shine through and match what you see when you look in the mirror. So whether you’re getting ready for a Friday night date or a big event like a wedding, prom or long-awaited vacation, you want to do everything you can to clear up existing acne and prevent new outbreaks.

Below, we’ll share advice from our nurse practitioners at Virtuwell on ways to help prevent breakouts and get fast acne treatment.

Acne prevention tips

As you know all too well, there’s no quick fix for acne. And once acne makes an appearance, it can take weeks of following a prescribed skin care routine before it clears up. While there’s no sure way to prevent acne, the following tips can help calm skin and reduce future breakouts.

Use the right skin products

There are thousands of skin care products out there, all promising glowing and flawless skin. But if you’re prone to acne, it’s important to read product labels and be careful about what you choose to put on your face and body. Look for cleansers, moisturizers and makeup that clearly say they won’t clog pores or are labeled oil free, non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic. Also keep in mind that even hair products like hairsprays and gels can clog pores, so it’s best to keep hair back and off your face.

Follow a hands-off approach when it comes to existing acne

Do you find yourself resting your chin or cheek in your hand or touching your face throughout the day? While touching your face won’t cause acne, it can aggravate the acne you already have. The same is true if you pick at your skin or squeeze blemishes. The skin on your face is sensitive and prone to irritation and inflammation – especially if you get acne – so it’s best to just let it be.

Consider if what you eat and drink is contributing to acne

If your skin is no stranger to pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, it’s worth taking note of the foods and drinks you’re consuming and tracking whether they may be triggering breakouts. For example, some people notice acne flair ups when they eat processed foods that have a high glycemic index and contain lots of sugar or white flour. Also, whey-based protein drinks or dairy products can make acne worse for some people. Consider limiting your intake of these foods and beverages and see if your skin responds.

Find healthy ways to manage stress for your skin’s sake

Despite the myth, stress doesn’t cause acne. But stress can affect your hormones and play a role in making the acne you have worse. Think about the things you do that help you feel better when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed – like taking a few deep breaths, going for a walk or turning on your favorite tune – and do more of them more often.

Acne treatment, made simple

Although the causes of acne can be complex and include common culprits like shifting hormones, getting effective treatment for your acne doesn’t have to be complicated.

Whether you’re dealing with the occasional breakout or more severe cystic acne, we make it simple to get fast and affordable acne treatment that’s tailored to your skin’s needs at Virtuwell, our 24/7 online clinic.

The best part? You can start an acne visit anytime and from anywhere – no appointment or video visit needed. Answer a few questions about your skin and upload photos, and a board-certified nurse practitioner will provide an individualized plan with acne prescription medications or other treatments to start you on your journey to clearer skin.