Dental coverage for kids is available

Access to dental services for kids is important for their teeth and overall health. There’s a link between taking good care of teeth and good health. Up to 120 diseases can be found during a single exam of your mouth, teeth and gums. That’s why we have a law in our country that says you must be able to get dental coverage for your children if you want it. Coverage can be part of your health insurance plan, or a separate dental insurance plan.

Different plans cover kids differently

You can get dental coverage for your kids whether you buy health insurance for yourself or get it through an employer. Some family health plans already include dental coverage for kids (pediatric dental). If it’s not in your health plan, you might have to purchase a stand-alone pediatric dental plan. The services it covers and the amount you have to pay every month (your premium), as well as costs for services, vary among plans and depends on the one you choose.

If you’re not sure whether you have pediatric dental coverage and what’s included:

  • Log into your plan’s online account and look at a document your health insurance company is required to provide to you called a Summary of Benefits and Coverage.
  • Check your medical plan or separate dental plan documents to see whether pediatric dental services are covered.
  • Call your health or dental insurance company to check your coverage and, if you don’t have coverage for your child, ask questions about how you can add it.

Kids’ dental services can be affordable without coverage

Having dental coverage for your kids is great peace of mind, knowing both routine care and any surprises will be covered. IF you don’t have pediatric dental coverage, don’t shy away from the dentist. Many people find that, when they budget for them, regular dentist appointments for kids are affordable. Some dentist offices also offer discounts and payment plans for people paying for their care. It’s a small price to keep your kid’s smile healthy!