How to spot and manage anxiety in kids

Worry is a normal part of the human experience. Our kids feel worry when they have a big project in school or when they try an activity for the first time. The rush of nerves they feel when they’re anxious can even help keep them safe during a dangerous situation. But when worry holds kids back, it can mean they’re struggling with an anxiety disorder.

Studies estimate that up to 10% of kids have a diagnosable anxiety disorder. And evidence suggests that this number is growing. So what can parents do to spot anxiety in their kids and help manage it?

Licensed clinical social worker, Jon Platson,  gives us advice about treating anxiety in children. In this episode of For Health’s Sake, we talk about:

  • The difference between typical worry and anxiety disorders
  • Anxiety symptoms in children
  • The causes of childhood anxiety
  • If kids can outgrow their anxiety
  • How parents can help manage their child’s anxiety
  • Different treatment options for childhood anxiety
  • How you can seek help for anxiety

Keep in mind that even though chronic anxiety can be very uncomfortable, it is treatable. Dr. Platson wants his patients to know that anxiety disorders respond very well to many different types of therapy. No matter how severe your child’s anxiety, there are treatments that can help.