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Credentialing is a term that encompasses two separate processes: credentialing and privileging.

Primary source verification of healthcare providers' education, training, work experience, licensure, and other related information provided by the applicant.

Granting approval for an individual to perform a specific procedure or scope of practice based on documented competence in the specialty in which privileges are requested.

The Medical Staff application process is divided into four steps. Please follow the directions in each step carefully:

  1. Review the following documents:


    Credentialing policy 

    Fair hearing policy 

    Investigations and corrective action 

    Professional Practice Evaluation

    Standards of professional conduct 

    Your guide to the code of conduct 

    Full code of conduct 

    Code of conduct training course 

    Secondary Interests FAQs 
  2. Complete the Delineation of Privileges (DOP) form.
  3. Obtain a copy of the credentialing/privileging packet by contacting
  4. Submit application fee.