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Medicines covered by my plan

Find a pharmacy or search the drug list to learn which medicines your insurance covers.

Find a pharmacy in my network

There are two pharmacy levels in your network:

Preferred pharmacies Non-preferred pharmacies Excluded pharmacies

Coborn's, Cash Wise or MarketPlace by Coborn's pharmacies

All participating pharmacies more than 15 miles from a Coborn’s-owned pharmacy

All participating pharmacies within 15 miles of a Coborn’s, Cash Wise or MarketPlace by Coborn’s pharmacy Costco and CVS are excluded from your network.

Find a pharmacy

Which drugs are covered?

You can see if your prescriptions are covered by searching the drug list (also called a formulary). This is also a good place to find pricing information.

You can search by:

  • The name of your medicine (for example, Yasmin)
  • The type of medicine you’re taking (for example, birth control)
  • The first three letters of the medicine you’re taking (for example, “Yas”)

Search the drug list

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