Communication toolkits

Looking for a convenient way to motivate and educate your employees? You’ve come to the right place.
No matter what health problems you’re trying to solve, we have a campaign to help. Each campaign has easy-to-use, engaging and empowering materials designed to help members:

  • Choose and use the plan that’s best for them
  • Choose the best care based on cost and circumstance
  • Get the most from their care

Give your employees the information and resources they need. They’ll be able to make the best possible decision about their plan, care and health. The result? Lower health care costs for you and them. And, a healthier and happier workforce.

Well-being communications Well-being challenges Participant's success stories

Inspire your population to be well. Use these success stories from well-being participants to help motivate your employees.

Choose to live healthy everyday Choose the best care Choose and use the best health plan Get the most from your care