5-2-1-0 Challenge Time to engage and motivate your population

Making simple healthy choices each day can have a big impact on your populations’ health. This simple and fun six-week challenge will motivate your population to eat fruits and veggies, step away from electronics, get moving and cut out sugary drinks. Engaging tools, tips and trackers will give your employees the support they need to succeed.

We make it easy for you

We’ve taken care of the legwork. Get started with our comprehensive implementation guide containing everything you need to engage and motivate your population. Stir interest, generate buzz and create excitement around the 5-2-1-0 Challenge. Engagement and fun follows!

HealthPartners gives you the tools you need to promote and share challenge information with your employees. Simply download the 5-2-1-0 Challenge materials below to get started. This challenge is administered by you, so you have the flexibility to run it in the way that would best fit your company’s needs.

Announcement materials

To announce and promote challenge sign-up, providing details and how-to instructions.

Challenge templates

This email template is available to help you communicate the challenge as needed.

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