Make It OK

One in four people experience a mental illness each year. Yet most wait 10 years before seeking treatment, largely due to the stigma. This toolkit supports conversations surrounding mental illnesses in your work place, to help break down the stigma and encourage positive mental health.

Getting started

Below, you will find a complete list of the materials in the toolkit and some ideas on how to use them to get started. Feel free to use the campaign materials in whatever way works best for your organization.

If you would like more ideas on how to use the campaign materials, visit There, you will find step-by-step plans that outline how to use the toolkit based on the level you wish to participate in this campaign.

Promotional material

This section features various materials that display facts about mental illnesses and the stigma. Please note that the PowerPoint slides can be used on electronic messaging boards, or before presentations. Some of the sides do not have content so you can customize with your own messages.

Leading a meeting

This section has everything you need to know for leading a discussion about mental illnesses and the Make It OK campaign. The PowerPoint comes with talking points to help guide you on your meeting; you can always tailor it for your audiences and add your own messaging.

Note: The Make It OK campaign also has speakers who are able to come to your workplace to host a workshop. The free workshop can run anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes, discussing mental illnesses and how to talk about them. For more information or to request a speaker email


Consider incorporating short documentaries into lunch and learns or within employee newsletters. The Make It OK campaign has partnered with Twin Cities Public Television to create a series of documentaries about Minnesotans who experience a variety of mental illnesses. You can access the videos at or below.

  • Reframing Mental Illnesses (30 minutes) Discover how people reframe perceptions of mental illnesses and the stigma associated with it. Features comedian Maria Bamford.
  • Families and Mental Illnesses (30 minutes) Find out how mental illnesses and the stigma associated it can affect individuals, couples and families.
  • Parents and Mental Illnesses (30 minutes) This program explores the unique challenges parents face when their child experiences a mental illness.
  • Facing Mental Illnesses (30 minutes) This documentary shares the story of three individuals who experience a mental illness: a nurse, a teacher and a student.
Additional information

This material will help you answer any general questions about mental illnesses.

Sample articles

Use these articles for a head start on communicating about mental illnesses to your employees. Feel free to modify for your needs.

Make It OK Interactive: online learning experiences

Make It OK Interactive offers online learning experiences where individuals can learn more about mental illnesses and hear stories of people living with them. The tool is available at

Thank you for your help to Make It OK

If you would like to receive formal training about mental illnesses, or if you have suggestions to make the toolkit more meaningful to you and your employees, please contact