Nationwide network

Here for you, wherever you are

Welcome to your national network toolkit. With easy-to-use materials, this toolkit helps you clearly communicate important network information to your employees and help them understand their network coverage.

Getting started

Below you'll find a list of materials included in this toolkit. These materials include all the information you need to help your employees understand their network coverage. With this toolkit you'll introduce the HealthPartners national network, explain how to find a doctor or get care, and outline the support and resources available to your employees as HealthPartners members.

The materials support Open Access, Perform, and Achieve networks.

How to use
  • Edit: You can customize and edit all materials. Choose your network in the highlighted dropdown boxes, add your logo into the footer, or change the information.
  • Print: Materials are designed to print in color, but printing in black and white will work too.
  • Post: Put flyers in high-traffic areas. Try near the restrooms, water coolers and break rooms. Use internal communications copy for intranet articles, e-newsletters or emails.