HealthPartners yumPower Better-for-you worksite nutrition

With HealthPartners yumPower, you can bring better-for-you nutrition to your worksite. This toolkit is designed to help you work with partners and educate employees about better food decision making.

Better-for-you nutrition has many benefits for employees, including:

  • Improved energy and focus, which increases their productivity
  • Ability to maintain a healthy weight and avoid chronic illness, which has an impact on your health care costs
  • Less sick time, which means reduced absenteeism

Make the better choice an easy choice by getting started today!

Start a food revolution

To get started, use our yumPower “how-to guide” to identify your areas of focus. Then, use the resources below to bring about positive change in those areas at your worksite.

1. Get commitment and support

Better-for-you company pledge
Make a commitment to change. Take this yumPower pledge to ensure your company stays focused on its mission to eat better and live well.

2. Create food policies, guidelines and recommendations

Nutrition guidelines
Use this document as a guideline to help understand and implement better-for-you food and beverage nutrition standards.

Catering choices
Whether you're ordering food for a work event or simply attending one, this document reveals better-for-you choices and eating tips.

3. Establish food service and vending agreements (for use with your vendors)

Vendor tips
Work through these strategies with your vendor to ensure your employees get a positive, nutritional experience at work.

Vending plan-o-gram
Make the move to yumPower-approved vending machines. Share this guide with your vendor and chart a course to better snacking.

Vendor letter
Use this letter template to start a conversation about better-for-you eating with your vendor partners. It will send the message that you're committed to healthy living.

4. Make the better choice an easy choice

Additional programs
Looking for additional ways to promote better-for-you eating at work? This list of creative ideas goes beyond the basics.

Pricing strategies
Use price and access to encourage better-for-you eating. Learn about effective discount and pricing strategies that can drive results.

5. Develop a communications and implementation plan (for use with your employees) Employee messaging

For use in emails, newsletters or other communications, these generic messages announce the better-for-you initiative and provide your employees with helpful tips and resources. View the “Overview” document for instructions.

Employee message #1
Employee message #2
Employee message #3
Employee message #4

Salad bar three-step
Share the secret to building the ultimate salad. This simple, three-step process illustrates how to choose tasty, better-for-you ingredients.

Tasty snack alternatives
This handy cheat sheet highlights dozens of better-for-you snack options by category and brand name — there's something for everyone.

Additional resources

In addition, don't forget about these great resources. They're free, fun and encourage better-for-you decision making.