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Looking for a convenient way to motivate and educate your employees? You’ve come to the right place.

No matter what health problems you’re trying to solve, we have a campaign to help. Each campaign has easy-to-use, engaging and empowering materials designed to help members:

  • Choose and use the plan that’s best for them
  • Choose the best care based on cost and circumstance
  • Get the most from their care
  • Choose to live healthy every day

Give your employees the information and resources they need. They’ll be able to make the best possible decision about their plan, care and health.

The result? Lower health care costs for you and them. And, a healthier and happier workforce.

Healthy living

(Formerly the Engage toolkit)

Empower employees to take control of their health with monthly health campaigns. Topics include stress, sleep, back health, nutrition – and more.


Promote preventive care. Help members know what screenings they need, what’s covered and how to find a primary care doctor.



Keep your workforce healthy and productive during flu season. Inform employees about flu prevention and treatment, or promote your on-site flu clinic.


Increase healthy eating behaviors and options at your workplace. This campaign encourages better-for-you eating, so the better choice becomes the easy choice.


Encourage participation in your health and well-being program. Various campaigns motivate employees to take action throughout the year.


For employees with our EZ plans. Encourage participation in your health and well-being program.


For employees with our Small Group plans. Encourage participation in your health and well-being program.


Support members in getting the most from their health plan. Educate on common health care terms, understanding what’s covered by their plan and how to plan for future costs.


Help members use their FSA and HSA accounts effectively. Educate them on how their plan works including, using debit card, getting reimbursed and build their savings.


Get employees connected to HealthPartners web and mobile resources. These tools help them manage their plan, cut costs and shop for care.


For employees with our fully insured small group plans. Encourage employees to engage with their HealthPartners Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


Your national network

Help your employees learn about their health plan’s nationwide network coverage. This toolkit will equip them with the knowledge they need to find care, wherever they are.

Select your HealthPartners health plan network:

Help members know where to go when they need care. Explain when to choose urgent care, ER, CareLine℠ or virtuwell®. This campaign helps members make the best, most cost-effective choice.


Do your employees know they could save money by getting surgery at a top-value location? Help your employees choose the best place for surgery. You can customize the materials in this campaign to list your qualifying surgeries and benefit information.


Do your employees know they could save money by shopping for care? Or how to find care costs before going to the doctor? This campaign gives them all the information they need to be savvy health care consumers.


Encourage use of virtuwell®, a 24/7 online clinic. Employees will save time, and you’ll increase productivity. This campaign shows how to use virtuwell® and what conditions can be treated.


Support conversations about mental illness in your workplace. This campaign breaks down stigma and encourages positive mental health.


Trying to reduce pharmacy costs? Want members to better understand their pharmacy benefits? Promote services that reduce costs, like mail order, using generics, drug cost calculator – and more.

Help your employees manage their stress. This toolkit will connect them to tools and resources to help them build emotional resilience.