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Blankets for babies at Regions Hospital

Former Special Care Nursery patient donates over 100 blankets

Having a baby is a joyful time. But when that baby needs to be admitted to a special care nursery for intensive care, it can become frightening and stressful. Gaby Berg had a seizure a week after being born, and was admitted into the Regions Hospital Special Care Nursery.

“The week we spent in the hospital was a scary time,” said Missy Berg, Gaby’s mother. “The staff were absolutely amazing though.”

One way Regions Special Care Nursery makes the situation less frightening is by wrapping babies in receiving blankets.

“We use these blankets to help make a scary situation feel a little more normal,” said Teri Wagner, RN, a charge nurse at Regions. “The babies, who often have tubes coming out of them, might not look quite so sick wrapped in the cute blanket.”

Unfortunately, the unit is often in short supply of blankets. Teri posted on Facebook asking for donations several months ago. Missy saw the post and Gaby wanted to help.

She immediately decided to make receiving blankets, instead of buying new ones. She used her own money and donations from her family to buy fabric. And she spent the summer sewing. She was able to make over 30 blankets! But she still wanted to do more.

baby in special care nursery

So Gaby asked her volleyball coach at St. Agnes High School if she could host a “Blankets for Babies” fundraiser. Gaby planned the fundraiser in just three days. She asked for donations of money, fabric and pre-made blankets. By the end of the night, she had raised $200 and over 50 blankets!

Gaby recently spent an afternoon in the Special Care Nursery. She delivered over 100 blankets, 60 pairs of baby socks and multiple bottles of natural baby lotion to families. Check out this video to hear more of her story.

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