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Park Nicollet doc prescribes yoga

One patient lost 50 pounds and touched her toes for the first time in years

As a doctor in internal medicine, Jane Oh, MD, knows how important diet and exercise are to good health. She has long made it a habit to eat right and she has been a runner since college. About 15 years ago, she discovered that she was missing an important piece of health. That’s when her husband introduced her to yoga.

“I instantly saw that I was craving a connection between my mind and body,” she said. “Yoga gives me a sense of confidence. I get peace both mentally and physically that I don’t get in any other way.”

So in addition to her medical practice at Park Nicollet’s Burnsville Clinic, Dr. Oh teaches yoga twice a week at Core Power Yoga in Apple Valley. She has a similar message for students and patients: everyone can find small ways to make progress. She recalls one middle-aged woman who lost 50 pounds and was able to touch her toes for the first time in many years. “It was liberating for her to learn to take control of her life and not be so dependent on medical services to fix a problem.”

Image: Yoga Tree Pose

Now middle aged herself, Dr. Oh feels in the best shape of her life. “As we get older, we can have more pain and lose some control of our bodies. Yoga teaches me that we might not be able to fix the whole problem, but we can still be joyful and have a great life.”

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