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Encouraging children to read and learn about health at Hudson Hospital & Clinic

Community raises more than $55,000 to support children’s health literacy

It’s clear there is a strong link between health and well-being early in life, and health and well-being in adulthood. That’s why HealthPartners has a Children’s Health Initiative. We want every child to have a healthy start and bright future.

In the spirit of the initiative, Hudson Hospital Foundation is focusing on children’s health literacy. It’s providing local kids with children’s books at clinic visits through the Reach Out and Read program. And it’s boosting local school libraries through the the Little Free Library – Health Action Book Club program.

The community has been hugely supportive of these efforts. More than 275 people have raised $55,000 for the two programs. The funds were raised at the Hudson Hospital Foundation wine event last fall.

“Our community really came together in a significant way. We’re thrilled to support children’s health literacy in and around Hudson,” said Kari Rambo, the president of the Hudson Hospital Foundation.

More about Reach Out and Read
The Foundation is partnering with the hospital campus primary care clinic, Hudson Physicians, to launch Reach Out and Read in 2017. This is a national program that serves nearly 4.5 million children and families each year. HealthPartners has been part of it since 2015. The program works through clinics to give families developmentally appropriate children’s books. Doctors pair the books with advice on what moms and dads can do to be their child’s first teacher. Parents learn how to help their child’s vocabulary and brain grow. And that builds a foundation for future success. From the time a child is six months to five years old, he or she will get a new book each time the family comes in for a well-child visit.

More about Little Free Library – Health Action Books
In partnership with Little Free Library, the Foundation is supporting the Health Action Book Clubs program. This gives children’s books on health topics to Hudson schools. At the Foundation’s wine event, Evan Peterson shared his health journey. Evan is a Hudson pediatric oncology patient. He’s 12 years old. He loves to read. And he wants more children to be able to talk about family illness with each other. “Evan’s classmates saw him go through so many changes since he was three years old. But they were too afraid to ask him about it,” his mom, Heidi, said. “This program will give kids access to books on chronic illnesses that are simple and easy to understand. We hope the books will help kids talk about health. I wish the program existed when Evan was little. It would have made a huge difference.”

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