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Image: HealthPartners Annual Report

HealthPartners Research Breakthrough: Artificial pancreas helps with diabetes

Artificial pancreas will make life easier for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Life changing research and cutting edge medical education are the cornerstones of HealthPartners Institute. The 2015 annual report highlights areas like the International Diabetes Center’s study of the artificial pancreas. Diabetes patient Les Hazelton can now lead a more active life. Hazelton was part of the study that used a system to help manage the amount of insulin patients receive. It was a win-win for Hazelton. He doesn’t have to constantly monitor his blood glucose.

“I feel more confident in how I am able to manage my health and be more in control of my diabetes,” Hazelton said.

“What it means is that we have a way for patients to meet some of their health goals and also live their life,” said IDC executive director Dr. Rich Bergenstal, lead investigator for the study. Bergenstal said the study provided the proof that can now be sent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and, if approved, this could be the first artificial pancreas to be available commercially within the next year.

Image: Medtronic digital artificial pancreas Created by Medtronic, the artificial pancreas helps patients with diabetes control their blood glucose

Read more about this and other research breakthroughs as well as significant work in medical education in the HealthPartners Institute’s annual report.

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