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Where can you go to get the best quality care?

HealthPartners, Park Nicollet and Stillwater Medical Group rank tops in Minnesota

HealthPartners, Park Nicollet and Stillwater Medical Group are providing the highest quality care in Minnesota for the things you most commonly go to the doctor for. That’s according to Minnesota Community Measurement (MNCM).

MNCM looks at how well patients in Minnesota are being cared for. They measure 20 types of care that patients should receive from their main doctor. MNCM reports its findings to the public. They aim to hold care systems accountable for the quality of care they’re providing.

“Providing high quality care is at the heart of us building trust with our members and patients,” President and CEO Mary Brainerd said. “It’s the basis of us building health in our community.”

Our organization has top ratings if you get bronchitis, a sore throat or the common cold. We provide excellent care to patients who have asthma, diabetes, heart concerns and to kids who are overweight. And, we’re leaders in screening for chlamydia and colorectal cancer.

“These results show our dedication to delivering top quality care year after year,” Brainerd said.

Here are some examples of how we’re promoting health:

Wondering about the care at our individual clinics?

In May, Consumer Reports said 43 of our clinics provide high-quality care. They determined that by looking at three areas of care related to common health concerns. Learn more.

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