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Banner: MGH blog - International Diabetes Center gets $6.94 million NIH grant

International Diabetes Center gets $6.94 million NIH grant

IDC will continue groundbreaking artificial pancreas research

Artificial pancreas research at the International Diabetes Center just got a big boost. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK), which is part of the National Institutes of Health just gave IDC and Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel $6.94 million dollar to continue their groundbreaking work in artificial pancreas research.

“We are hopeful that this next generation of artificial pancreas technology will not only further improve blood glucose levels in a safe manner but actually let these teens and young adults focus on living their lives to the fullest,” said IDC executive director Richard Bergenstal.

Bergenstal and Dr. Moshe Phillip of Schneider Children’s Medical Center will compare the FDA-approved hybrid artificial pancreas to a next-generation system programmed to further improve glucose control, particularly around mealtime. One-hundred youth (ages 14-30) will test each system for three months at sites in California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts and Minnesota and abroad in Germany, Israel and Slovenia.

The study, which will being later this year, is one of four unique research projects announced Tuesday by NIH. The studies are designed to move automated insulin delivery systems toward regulatory approval for clinical use.

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