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MGH Banner: Birth centers announce 2018’s most popular baby names

Birth centers announce 2018’s most popular baby names

The baby boy names and baby girl names we saw Minnesota and western Wisconsin families choose most

When it comes to the latest baby name trends, there’s no one better to ask than our birth center teams. Each year, they help deliver nearly 10,000 babies at our organization’s seven hospitals. And they found that Lincoln was the most popular boy name chosen in 2018, while Emma was the most popular girl name chosen.

Here are their complete 2018 top baby names lists for boys and girls. In each, names appear in order of popularity:

Top 2018 boy names


Top 2018 girl names


Pop culture baby names

Our teams also saw that more babies were given names tied to pop culture in 2018. Here were six names that were common enough to get honorable mentions:

  • Arya – “Game of Thrones” character reference
  • Havana – Camila Cabello song reference
  • Magnolia – “Fixer Upper” TV show reference
  • Milo – “This Is Us” actor reference
  • Scarlett – “Avengers” actress reference
  • Thor – “Avengers” character reference

Most popular baby names by year

This isn’t the first year our birth centers have reported which baby names were the most popular. Here are our past lists:

HealthPartners birth centers are located across the Twin Cities, central Minnesota and western Wisconsin:

Our care providers also deliver at several other locations:

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