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Image: MGH Blog - No butt's about it: new patient gowns improve patient experience

No butt’s about it: new patient gowns improve patient experience

Methodist Hospital introduces the next generation of hospital gown

Methodist Hospital is closing the gap between hospital gowns and patient experience - literally. Methodist will be among the nation’s first hospitals to use a new style of hospital gown. The gowns feature a new wrap-style, side-tie, and healing colors. They provide more modesty for patients, by removing the traditional open backside. Snaps along the sleeves allow care teams access to give care.

“This is about much more than fashion,” said Christa Getchell, president of the Park Nicollet Foundation. “It’s about helping our patients maintain their mental well-being and dignity.”

This change comes as the result of a six-year program called Project Better Gown. The project was sponsored by the Park Nicollet Foundation. It began as a student design competition to improve the patient gown. For the next four years, the Foundation worked closely with the winners to bring their design to life. In 2015, the new design piloted at Methodist Hospital.

The HealthPartners Institute gathered patient feedback about the gowns, to see if they had an impact on their experience. Patients said they were more comfortable in the gowns. They appreciated the modest design, and the quality of the material led them to feel more “at home” during their stay.

Methodist took this feedback to heart. Now, the hospital is switching all patient gowns to the new style. But that’s not all. All of Park Nicollet and HealthPartners clinics and hospitals will be switching to the new gowns as well.

“Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for,” said Getchell. “The results of this study are worth the time spent. We’re very excited patients across the organization will benefit from this project.”

Get a closer look at all of the new features!

Morning Buzz 2-20 Hospital Gowns-1 from FOX9 KMSP on Vimeo.

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