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The Triple Aim

HealthPartners is redesigning the health care delivery model

Care delivery

The Triple Aim simultaneously accomplishes these three critical objectives:

  1. Improve the health of the population served
  2. Improve the experience of each individual
  3. Affordability as measured by the total cost of care.

All care delivery strategies, including development of medical homes or accountable care organizations, should have goals to produce results in all three dimensions of the Triple Aim.

To deliver on the Triple Aim, the HealthPartners approach to health care delivery is based on: reliability, customization, access, and coordination of care.

Care delivery measures

Role of the health plan

HealthPartners is driving change that helps our members live healthier lives and lower costs. Through our unique wellness programs, advocacy efforts and innovative payment approaches which incent and reward quality, we are able to provide better value for our customers. By partnering with providers, members, purchasers, and the community, we are leveraging our plan capabilities to develop initiatives which improve health, member experience and affordability.

Role of the health plan


HealthPartners is delivering measurable results.

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