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Role of the health plan in improving health

HealthPartners is driving change that helps our members live healthier lives with lower costs

Through our unique wellness programs, advocacy efforts and innovative payment approaches which incent and reward quality, we are able to provide better value for our customers. By partnering with providers, members, purchasers and the community, we are leveraging our plan capabilities to develop initiatives which improve health, customer experience and affordability, including:

  1. Care and disease management. We have built state-of-the-art capabilities and methods to provide targeted services and coordination for members with chronic conditions and disease.
  2. Use of informatics and data, including health plan claims data, to arrive at the total cost of care. The key to improving quality is transparency, both inside and outside the plan, via websites and collaborations with organizations such as Minnesota Community Measurement. HealthPartners shares primary and specialty care results at both the system and provider/physician level.
  3. Payment reform incentives.HealthPartners is already implementing some payment reforms to support value, for example, offering plans with lower copays or deductibles for lower cost, recognizing higher value providers, and paying for performance. HealthPartners is engaged in a multi-year collaboration with Allina Hospitals and Clinics in the northwest metropolitan area to improve care and affordability, demonstrating that it is possible for health care organizations to achieve the Triple Aim even if they aren’t both provider and insurer.
  4. Transparency for the consumer by sharing clinical performance results and cost information.HealthPartners has a long history of posting quality and experience results for clinics and hospitals. As a health plan, we are showing cost comparisons as well.
  5. Product design, such as incentives for healthy activities.
    • Our health and wellness products, such as Journeywell, are offered to employers to reward employees for behavior change when it comes to disease management and wellness. Our benefit plans create incentives for members to engage in improvement activity based on results of a personal health assessment. Through our employer plans, HealthPartners has 80,000 members in a health and wellness-type product.
    • For example, completion of a health improvement program tailored to the employee needs could result in a $250 deductible compared to a $500, or a reduction in co-pays from $50 to $30 for certain services.
    • Engaging consumers in healthy lifestyles – diet, exercise, not smoking and moderate alcohol use – could avoid 25 percent of health care costs.
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