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Understanding cost and quality ratings

HealthPartners goal is to deliver on the Triple Aim.

The Triple Aim is founded on improving health, providing a better experience and making health care more affordable.

Our cost and quality ratings help you better understand the value of health care. To ensure you have timely information to make informed choices, we update our cost and quality ratings every year with the best information available.

Improve affordability, the experience of the individual and the health of the population

Highest Value = Best quality at the lowest cost

High cost doesn't necessarily mean best quality; lower-cost providers often deliver high-quality care. HealthPartners cost and quality ratings for primary care, specialists and hospitals help you have a better understanding of health care value.

We use the following principles to develop our ratings:

  • Relevant and clear data
  • Accurate, valid, reliable and obtainable data
  • Established, endorsed or generally accepted standards
  • A variety of sources, where possible, for a robust overall rating system
  • Consistent measurements and fair scoring
  • Rating methods available to providers, consumers and employers
  • Results that are shared with providers before being released publicly
One out of four stars with four out of four dollars equals lower quality, four out of four stars with one out of four dollars equals higher quality
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