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Image: The check-up that checks every box

The check-up that checks every box

Comprehensive health exams for students

This year, make sure your child’s annual school physical is at the top of your summertime checklist. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends a yearly physical for all children. But not all health exams are made alike. At HealthPartners, we make sure that your child is completely ready for next year by double-checking every aspect of their health—physical, emotional, social and more.

What makes a physical exam comprehensive?

When it checks every box. During their comprehensive health exam, we’ll check-in with how your child is feeling and doing in many categories:

  • Overall physical health and well-being
  • Mental health and intellectual development
  • Social health, including self-esteem and healthy relationships
  • Sports participation and exercise
  • Nutrition and healthy habit building

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child playing baseball

The sports physical that’s not just a sports physical

Just like school readiness, sports readiness can be a complex thing. At HealthPartners, a sports physical is more than just a signature on a form. By asking about things like their nutrition, exercise and sleep habits, we dig deeper, checking-in with how your child’s health can affect their game, and how their game could be affecting their health.

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child trying on glasses

Check their vision and dental too

HealthPartners has dental and eye clinics throughout the metro. We’re your one stop shop for getting your child get ready for next year, head to toe to head again.

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teen speaking with doctor

One-on-one time with the doctor for teens

Sometimes, teens have health questions that they’d like to ask a doctor…but it can be awkward with mom or dad in the room. After filling out our teen questionnaire, your child will get some one-on-one time to go over it with their provider.

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