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One-stop travel prep

You can stay healthy whether you’re visiting Europe, the Mid-East, Tahiti or China. We’re here to help you get the health information you need before you travel. We can give you any shots you might need before you leave. And, we’ll let you know what to do if you get sick or injured while traveling. It’s all available in one visit to our clinic.

What you can expect

  • Convenient appointment times
  • Access to the latest safe travel recommendations and warnings
  • Pre-travel medical consultation
  • Post travel consultations with other specialists if necessary
  • Access to internationally recognized travel medicine doctors

Wondering what we do?

  • Provide vaccinations and proof of vaccination certificates
  • Perform health screenings and lab tests as necessary
  • Offer products like special insect repellents, sunscreens and rehydration product solutions
  • Fill prescriptions for special medications
  • Provide guidance if you become sick or are severely injured while traveling
  • Offer packing advice based on your destination and planned activities
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