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Join us at Camp 5210

Where healthy eating and exercise habits start

May 9, 2017


Camp 5210 is a great opportunity for kids to make new friends and learn new skills to stay active and healthy. This year’s camp takes place from June 17 to 21 at One Heartland Center in Willow River, Minnesota.

Healthy goals

Camp 5210 is for kids between the ages of seven and 17 who are struggling to achieve a healthy weight. We focus on lifestyle changes and the prevention of chronic disease. These include type 2 diabetes, heart disease and orthopedic problems.

5210 is more than a number; it refers to simple ways children can live healthier.

  • 5 – Eat five or more fruits and veggies a day
  • 2 – Limit TV, computer and gaming screen time to two or fewer hours a day
  • 1 – Get one or more hours of physical activity each day
  • 0 – Cut back your number of sugary beverages to zero

Why choose Camp 5210?

  • It’s fun – we make it easy to be healthy
  • Make changes together as a family – improving health is easier when everyone focuses on being healthy
  • It’s affordable – the cost for the week is based on a sliding scale based on your family’s income
  • It’s easy to get to – just 90 minutes north of the Twin Cities. Parents can choose to drop their kids off at camp or take advantage of free transportation.
  • Make new friends!

Parents play a role, too

During the camp week, parents are invited to an activity session for a fun update. Learning to eat better and be more active requires support from the entire family. Parents will also learn tips for helping their kids achieve success at home.

What happens at camp?

Kids take part in activities that focus on healthy lifestyles. This includes changing behaviors and hands-on cooking. Enjoy the spirit of camp, teamwork, personal growth and good old-fashioned fun.

Early-bird activity

Start your day with a fun activity, such as water aerobics, hiking or canoeing.

Traditional camp activities

Pick from traditional camp activities and set some goals for the week to improve your skill. Examples include fishing, swimming, climbing tower and drama.

Health education

Learn important health and behavior knowledge and skills including:

  • How to energize your body with better-for-you foods and meal planning
  • Ways to have fun while getting exercise
  • Social support to deal with the demands of controlling your health

Evening program

Enjoy fun-themed programs with costumes, skits and laughter.

Before bed

We dedicate time for each cabin to talk about hopes and dreams and share funny stories.

Sign up for Camp 5210

Register at One Heartland or contact 218-372-3988. If you have questions whether your child is a good fit for Camp 5210, please talk to your child’s doctor or care team.

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